Business owners in Kenora, Ont., can finally put their shovels away, after city council voted to keep plowing sidewalks in the downtown core.

There was a proposal to have businesses take on responsibility for the sidewalk in front of their storefronts, to allow the city to use its snow-clearing equipment in other parts of the city, but that proposal has been rejected.

"At this point and time, it'll disappear, but I have no doubt that down the road it'll probably come back up again," said Kenora mayor Dave Canfield.

Kenora's business community had concerns about the policy requiring businesses to clear the sidewalk. Some businesses, located on street corners, said they would be put at a disadvantage, as they would have to clear more sidewalk space.

Canfield said even though the city will continue to plow sidewalks downtown, it makes sense to him to give city crews a hand.

"In the morning, when I would come out, it would be to shovel the snow. And clear it out in front of my store, and clear the sidewalk out to the parking meters, so people can get into my store. To me, that's just common sense. And some of them do that now, actually, quite a few of them do that now."