Kenora, Ontario road crews busy trimming downtown snow banks

Roads crews in Kenora are having a busy winter, ensuring the downtown core remains accessible for pedestrians.

Snowbanks should be cleared by end of week, says city’s roads department

Road crews in Kenora, Ont., are busy cutting back snowbanks in the downtown area, which after several heavy snowfalls have grown to over 120 centimetres. (David Pate/CBC)

Roads crews in Kenora, Ont., are having a busy winter, ensuring the downtown core remains accessible for pedestrians.

Krishanth Koralalage, who is the city's roads department division lead, says a municipal bylaw states snowbanks in Kenora's retail district can not exceed two feet, or approximately 60 centimetres.

But, after several heavy snowfalls, some banks have grown to a height of four feet or more than 120 centimetres, he said.

"We have parking spaces in front of business areas, so when people stop at the parking lot they have to get to the sidewalk and if the snowbanks are too high then they can't cross snowbanks," Koralalage said. 

"That's the problem here."

The height of the snowbanks is an issue,  but the priority is always keeping the roads clear, to ensure emergency vehicles have access to all neighbourhoods in the city, he said.

However,  barring any storms, all the snowbanks in the downtown area should be cut back by the end of the week, Koralalage said.