Provincial police are warning people about pack dogs that pose a risk to public safety.

Officers with the Kenora OPP recently had to kill three dogs from a pack of dogs that had "been creating a dangerous situation in the Laurenson Lake area of the City of Kenora," stated a detachment press release on Friday.

Police have responded to numerous complaints about the pack throughout the winter and "the animals have been killing deer in the city and showing increasingly aggressive behaviour," the release said.

On Thursday, police went out to the Laurenson Lake area to respond to a complaint that a pack of dogs had severely injured a deer. When they arrived, police "found the deer suffering from multiple injuries and dispatched it."

Not long after, officers spotted several pack dogs in the area — between six and eight of them — and killed three.

"These animals may pose a risk to public safety," the police press release said. "People should use caution if they see the dogs, especially if they are actively attacking a deer or feeding on a kill."

injured deer with fur on snow

An injured deer stopped Kenora resident Wayne Sykora in his tracks as he was snowmobiling at the end of March. At the time, he said wild dogs were roaming his neighbourhood and killing deer. (Supplied)

Those with concerns about the wild dogs are asked to call the City of Kenora bylaw officers at 467-2166 or the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.