A Sioux Narrows man had a happy surprise when a service ring belonging to his father — lost for more than 30 years — was found and returned to him in time for Father's Day.

When Dan Blom was a child, his father received a ring for 25 years of service at a Kenora paper mill and promised to pass it down to his son.

But the ring was lost one day while Blom's father was gardening outside their home. 

After 33 years, Blom was sure it was gone for good.

dan blom

Dan Blom, a Sioux Narrows man, now has his father's treasured ring back after the new owner of his childhood home sought him out. (CBC)

But on June 15 Father’s Day the precious family artifact was returned to him.

Blom received a call earlier in June from Joan Green, the woman who now owns the home he grew up in.

Green had dug up the ring while gardening, mistaking it for a plastic ring at first, she quickly realized its value was far more than that. 

"It was gorgeous,” she said of the 10-carat gold ring with a green gemstone.

But it had more than monetary worth to the family who used to live there. She noted it had an inscription that read "W.C. Blom," so she began to track down the owners. 

'Dad, we got her back'

Finally she found Dan Blom in Sioux Narrows. 

"When I phoned, it's scary because I said to Dan, this is Joan Green calling, you probably don't know why I'm calling you, and his words were: ‘Did you find my Dad's ring?""

Blom said that getting the call was amazing.

"Good thing, actually I didn't take the call when I was driving, because I probably would have ended up in the ditch,” he said.

On Father's Day, Blom went back to the home where he spent his youth to pick up the ring from Green, calling the moment “overwhelming.”

"These rings ... well, they're worth a lot. More sentimental to me than value," he said. 

Afterwards he ventured to his father’s grave site.

"I went into Kenora, to his grave site, and I just said 'Dad we got her back.'"

Blom said he plans to resize the ring in order to proudly wear it — although not while gardening.