Thousands of coffee drinkers in Kenora can now recycle their disposable cups, as the company that takes Kenora's recyclables now accepts cardboard cups.

The city's environmental supervisor said, from what's he's heard, residents will welcome the chance to be more environmentally friendly.

"[It’s] good news for them,” Mukesh Pokharel said. “And maybe I will see lots of coffee cups in the recycle bins from the public space."

kenora recycling bins

The company that takes Kenora's recyclables is accepting cardboard cups. (

Pokharel said his next goal is to get Styrofoam products into the recycling system as well.

“There are certain cities in Ontario where they are recycling Styrofoam. [In Kenora], Styrofoam is going to the landfill … so we hope, after one or two years, the facility will take that Styrofoam."

Kenora sends its recyclables to Cascades Recovery in Winnipeg about four days a week, as does Dryden and Red Lake. The communities work together to save on shipping costs.

The coffee cups will be shipped with the cardboard sent for recycling.