There is at least one confirmed case of a resident of northwestern Ontario getting sick from E. coli after eating beef linked to recalls of frozen beef burgers.

The health unit based in Kenora said the case is in its jurisdiction. And while a spokesperson wouldn’t give details about the case, CBC News was told the individual is recovering.

Some meat samples from a Kenora-area store also tested positive for E.coli. There have been three other confirmed cases in Ontario, but specific locations within the province have not been released.

The Public Health Agency of Canada said the total number of cases in this particular outbreak of E. coli currently totals eight: four in Ontario, two in Alberta, one in Manitoba and one in Saskatchewan.

These people became ill between late December and mid-February, but all are recovered or are recovering.

The most recent case is linked to recalled Gourmet Meat Shoppe Big and Juicy frozen beef burgers. 

On its website, the agency says the risk to Canadians remains low because all products found to be contaminated were recalled from store shelves. However, they caution it remains important Canadians do not eat any of the recalled beef products and they urge people to check their freezers for any recalled products and return them to the store or throw them out.