A woman north of Kenora says her insurance company refuses to cover the loss of her home, after the roadside embankment on Highway 658 crumbled last week, causing her house to slide and come right off its foundation.

Pat Oleksiw of Redditt said the problem started as a crack in the ground near the highway.

“It took out my driveway, it took out a shed, it moved my house. It's leaning on a tree right now. The only thing that's saving that house from falling — into God knows what — is that poor tree,” she said.

The Ministry of Transportation was expected to send an engineer to the site Thursday determine if any work needs to be done to ensure the safety of the road.

'There's nothing left'

Oleksiw said her insurance company told her she is not covered for landslides or mudslides.

She added she never had an issue with the house in which she has lived for 40 years. She noted quite a bit of water has pooled in the basement crawlspace over the years, particularly since the highway was paved at least a couple of decades ago.

Before that, Highway 658 was a gravel road.

Now her property is awash in refuse from a destroyed highway.

“The whole highway let go. All of it,” Oleksiw said.

“All we've got up here is asphalt. There's nothing left. The whole road allowance is down. Everything."

Reddit, Ont.

The Ministry of Transportation was expected to send an engineer on Thursday to evaluate the stability of Highway 658 at Redditt, north of Kenora. (Google)