Keith Hobbs, Thunder Bay councillors pursue re-election

Nominations open today for Thunder Bay's 2014 municipal election — and for those considering entering the race, they will face a roster of familiar candidates.

City clerk's office accepting nomination applications; deadline for filing is this fall

Nominations open Thursday for Thunder Bay's 2014 municipal election — and those entering the race will face a roster of familiar candidates.

Mayor Keith Hobbs is looking for his second term. He said he's proud of the work council has accomplished this year, but said there's more to be done.

"The youth centre was the No.1 priority in our citizen satisfaction survey," he said, adding, “I know we have priorities, and ... I'd like to see the events centre go."

Mayor Keith Hobbs says he will run in the next municipal election. So far there is no sign of a challenger, but the deadline for nominations is this fall.

Some council veterans, including Rebecca Johnson, Ken Boshcoff and Iain Angus, said they are still undecided about running again.

But most — like Larry Hebert, Brian McKinnon, Linda Rydholm and Joe Virdiramo — are seeking re-election.

Mark Bentz, Aldo Ruberto, Trevor Giertuga and Paul Pugh didn’t respond to CBC News’ inquiries on this story.

'Really proud of what our council has done'

Hebert has some advice for political newcomers.

"You might be better off running in a ward because it's a little easier,” he said.

“If you're going to go at large and try to do door knocking, not many people are going to put that effort in."

The city clerk's office is now accepting nomination applications, but the deadline for filing is not until the fall.

Andrew Foulds said he will wait to see if there's a spring provincial election before filing his nomination papers, as he's the NDP candidate for Thunder Bay – Superior North.

Hebert said he did some serious thinking before deciding to run again.

"I'm one who believes you shouldn't be there too long,” he said.

"This will be the end of two terms by the time 2014 comes around. So, the maximum I would do is three."

Hobbs said he looks forward to landing a second term.

"I'm definitely going to take another run at it,” he said. “I've enjoyed being the mayor of the City of Thunder Bay, and this term of council. I'm really proud of what our council has done and the progress we've made."


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