Now that CN Rail has given its OK, the James Street swing bridge is back in use by freight trains.

Crews have replaced some components of the rail line that were damaged by the fire on the bridge this week.

However, spokesperson Lindsay Fedchyshyn said repairs to the roadway can't begin until a consultant recommends what's needed.

"Safety remains our number one priority,” she said. “It is safe for train traffic but it's still going to be closed to vehicle traffic while all of that is evaluated.”

Fedchyshyn says CN expects to hear back from the engineering consultants by the middle of next week.

Work crews have repaired what needs to be fixed for now.

“CN bridges and structures personnel were working on the bridge last night and replaced the ties and rail on the damaged portion of the bridge,” Fedchyshyn said.

“The bridge does remain closed to vehicle traffic.”

She added the railway will perform repairs based on the recommendations, but there is no timeframe yet as to when the bridge might be completely reopened.