The investigation into the plane crash that claimed three lives near Pickle Lake on Oct. 16 has moved from the site to the aircraft itself.

Late last week crews with the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) cleared the plane of debris and flipped the wreckage over. Spokesperson Peter Hildebrand said they took the aircraft out of the site to examine it and are now beginning a formal investigation.

"We'll be looking to do interviews and to continue on with the investigation to find out what happened and why it happened [and] what might we be able to do to prevent a recurrence of this," he said.

Some of the aircraft components will be sent to a lab in Ottawa for more analysis.

Hildebrand noted several instruments, including navigation, have also been removed from the plane for further examination at the TSB office in Winnipeg.

The TSB is continuing to work with the Ontario Provincial Police. Hildebrand said they will help with any information relating to witnesses around the site, particularly "if any come forward, we can get their information through the OPP."