Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs

Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs will return to the table when the Police Services Board holds its December meeting.

Hobbs has been unable to sit on the board since last spring when former police chief Bob Herman complained that he had released information discussed at an in-camera meeting. The board filed a complaint that Hobbs breached confidentiality rules.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission has completed its investigation into the allegation. The police board said, as a result of that investigation, the Mayor has been counselled on issues regarding confidentiality and his role as a board member.

'Technical breach'

A statement from the board said Hobbs will also be expected to declare any perceived, actual or potential conflicts of interest arising from his former position as a police officer and president of the Thunder Bay Police Association, including issues concerning discipline and labour relations.

Hobbs will be at the board meeting Dec. 20.

Police Services Board Chair, Joe Virdiramo, said no additional information about the investigation will be released. The Mayor said said he's happy to return to the board and doesn't feel he's been slapped on the wrist. 

"I admitted when I was interviewed by OCPC that I delivered a message back to an officer that was trying to get back on the job .... so it was a technical breach," he said.

"I was concerned about an officer sitting at home collecting a paycheck.  I still am … had there been some serious concerns, this would have gone to a hearing ... to see if I should be removed for misconduct.  That tells me it wasn't a flagrant violation ... I was counselled on playing nice in the sandbox."