Fort William First Nation near Thunder Bay remained in a state of emergency on Wednesday as inspectors assessed the safety of flood-damaged homes.

Flooding in some parts of the community promped an evacuation on Monday, with about 40 families leaving their homes.


Heavy rains over the weekend caused several homes to flood at Fort William First Nation near Thunder Bay. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

Chief Georjann Morriseau said inspectors are checking flooded houses for mould, electrical or furnace problems and any health concerns.

"The last thing we want is our members going back home to a hazardous home," Morriseau said on Wednesday afternoon. "So we're trying to sort that out as we speak and we have a team out there today and tomorrow that'll be doing that."

Morriseau said it is still not clear when people will be able to return.

"We want our people back in their homes as soon as possible but... we do want to make sure we take every measure to ensure that they're going home safely."

Once the home inspections and immediate health hazards are dealt with, Morriseau said the community will look at its water and sewage capacity to prevent future flooding.

The First Nation is  providing portable pumps and dryers to homeowners who stayed behind and are cleaning up the damage in their basements.