Property owners near a popular beach in Shuniah Township are having their concerns addressed by local council.

O’Connor Point has been an area of conflict between people partying and nearby residents.

O'Connor Drive, Shuniah, Thunder Bay District, ON

Council has voted to hire security, improve maintenance at the beach and install a portable toilet.

Shuniah clerk Nadine Hunley said the municipality will make it clear where public property ends and private property begins.

"[There will be] some signage … delineating property boundaries," she said. "They’re going to be putting markers with buoys identifying the [boundaries] in the water."

Hunley said the municipality will also be cleaning up the area and "making the walkway safer."

In addition, a security guard will be hired, and OPP will be asked to do more patrols at the beach.

Other improvements include construction of a small parking area. Vehicles parked outside that area will be towed and a no-parking zone will be enforced.

The municipality hasn’t released the cost of the proposed changes.