A couple from Thunder Bay couple is stuck in a New York-area hotel in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Paul Capon said he and his wife Margaret were in the Big Apple on Sunday wrapping up some sightseeing.


Paul Capon and his wife Margaret are stranded in a New York-area hotel in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. (Matawa.on.ca)

When the bad weather arrived, their flight home was cancelled.

Capon said even on Sunday night, the noise from the storm outside their Newark hotel room was deafening.

"It sounded like having a freight engine beside your window all the time," Capon said.

"You couldn't really see the stuff but you could definitely hear it, just a roar."

‘Should have brought a flashlight’

Capon said the power went out in the hotel around 9:00 Sunday night.

"My wife says we should have brought a flashlight, that's one thing we forgot," he said.

"Our hotel went dark and the whole area of this part of New Jersey seemed to go dark too."

The power is still out today.

People 'desperately' trying to get flights out

Capon said some guests in the hotel are starting to get agitated for having to hang around the hotel.

"They think they will have the flights ready to go by Thursday morning," Capon said. "We'll see what happens.  

"People are desperately trying to fly out now but all three airports in the New York area are still out of commission."

Capon said there's a lot of visible storm damage in the neighbourhood.

But he said he and his wife are grateful the hurricane didn't arrive until near the end of their trip to the U.S.

"You never know what happens when you travel," he said. "I guess that ends our vacation with a bang."