Hope Air flies Schreiber girl to Toronto for medical help

A Schreiber youngster and her family are flying to Toronto for doctors appointments with help from a Canadian charity.
Hope Air client Trinity Cardiff, 13, and her mom Luanna at Pearson Airport in 2014 en route to medical treatment at SickKids hospital. The pair reside in Schreiber, Ont. (Hope Air)

A Schreiber youngster and her family are flying to Toronto for doctors appointments with help from a Canadian charity.

Trinity Cardiff, 13, has been attending treatments in Toronto since 2012.

"This is probably, I would say, [treatment] No.6," said her mom Luanna Cardiff.

“It is a really big journey to come to SickKids and the travelling is draining. We heard about Hope Air from a friend and they are awesome.”

It's made a huge difference.- Luanna Cardiff, Schreiber resident.

Hope Air arranges free flights for low-income Canadians who need non-emergency healthcare not available in their local communities.

"Trinity has great care at Sick Kids and her specialist is the only one here,” Cardiff continued.

“Trinity suffers pancreatitis and there is no gastrointestinal pediatric specialist in Thunder Bay. So, we have to travel to Toronto. It's a wonderful help to us. Probably without Hope Air, Trinity would have to miss a few doctors appointments."

The Cardiff’s flight on Tuesday was the 85,000th free flight for healthcare arranged by the charity since its start in 1986.

“We thank our airline partners and all other donors across the country who help us get Canadians to getting better,” said executive director Doug Keller-Hobson in a press release.

In an average year, almost 30 per cent of Hope Air clients say they would be forced to cancel or postpone their medical appointments. Almost half of all clients flying with Hope Air are children.

"It's made a huge difference,” Cardiff added. "We would have great difficulty getting Trinity back and forth to Sick Kids Hospital without Hope Air."


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