The Thunder Bay museum's "City Beautiful" exhibit highlights amazing local architecture. But the inspiration for the exhibit is equally amazing.

Since he was a teenager, 23 year-old Kieran Marcus has been making models of historic local buildings, out of Lego.

"Since we've lost so many [buildings] here, it's a way that we can see them again, that isn't just looking at a picture. It sort of brings it to life again," said Marcus.

The hobby began when Marcus was in high school at Port Arthur Collegiate. He was looking for a way to commemorate the school, which was soon to be closed. He decided a Lego model would be fitting.

"Then I started experimenting with other buildings, seeing what other ones might look interesting, and just sort of ran with it that way."

Swipe the photo above to see Kieran Marcus's Lego model of the former McKellar Hospital, beside a picture of the now-demolished original structure.

Each new model begins with a trip to the museum to hunt for archival photos of the buildings. Marcus then carefully plans his designs on graph paper, then uses a computer program that helps him to map out the Lego plan. 

On one of his visits to the museum earlier this year, Marcus asked whether there might be an opportunity to display his work. 

The museum not only obliged, but built an entire exhibit about local architecture around the Lego creations. The exhibit is on display until November.