The group in charge of preserving historic buildings in Thunder Bay is worried about the state of a historic movie theatre now that the former Lyceum Theatre on Cumberland Street is showing its age.


The Lyceum Theatre on Cumberland Street has not been designated as a historical structure. (

The city's Heritage Advisory committee said it's concerned the building could fall into a state of disrepair, as it's already up for a tax sale.

The chair of the committee said the building is an important piece of history and needs preservation.

"We understand the City of Thunder Bay has reviewed the building from a property standards perspective, and there are some safety concerns with the building," Andrew Cotter said. "We understand the roof is not in great condition."

However, Cotter said he believes the building is in good structural condition.


Thunder Bay's Lyceum Theatre was built in 1909. ( )

He noted 1909 Lyceum is on the heritage registry, but is not a historically registered structure — a designation that would prohibit its demolition.

The building has reportedly been significantly changed, after several renovations over the years. It is believed to have four or five suites upstairs — all of which, including the main floor, are vacant.