Police in Dryden are cracking down on drivers who blow through red lights, in an effort to improve safety on the section of Highway 17 that runs through the city.

Chief Rob Davis said he's received a number of complaints from residents about near-collisions with transport trucks in particular.

When a transport truck hit a light standard last week, the idea for a police enforcement blitz was cemented.


“It's not a constant problem, it seems to go in dribs and drabs,” Davis said.

“When the public makes us aware of it, we deal with it. We recognize that there's a lot of responsible truckers out there on the highways [who] observe the rules of the road, but we get complaints that there are some [who] choose not to.”

Dryden Police did a similar blitz in November 2013, which Davis said was successful, as fewer incidents of dangerous driving were observed following the campaign.

But the complaints have recently ramped up again.

“The complaints that have been coming in to me are about the tractor-trailers,” Davis said.

"A lot of the public complaints are near-misses, where people had the right of way and the trucks forced them to take an evasive action."

There are four stop lights along the Dryden portion of Highway 17. There is no by-pass.

Davis said that stretch of highway is heavily-travelled, with big-box stores along the route.

The enforcement blitz started on Monday.