The Thunder Bay District Health Unit says the two people who have died from the flu this winter did not get a flu shot. Officials are encouraging those who haven’t received a vaccination to do so.

"We are finding that the more majority of cases — of our confirmed cases — have not been immunized,” said Diana Gowanlock, manager of infectious diseases.

“Flu tends to hit seniors harder throughout the different years. This year we are finding it is hitting people under the age of 65, and younger children a little harder."


The Thunder Bay District Health Unit is still encouraging people to get their flu shot.

The number of confirmed cases of the flu is at about 70, she said.

The health unit received an extra shipment of vaccine over the holidays to ensure the city is well stocked.

In addition to encouraging people to get their flu shot, they're also encouraging people who get sick to get medical attention.

“If they do have symptoms similar to an influenza-like illness, and they are in a high-risk group and have underlying medical conditions, they should be seeking medical attention,” Gowanlock said.

“To possibly get started on some kind of anti-viral [and] prevent it from worsening.”