Gull Bay First Nation has declared a state of emergency, after being without road access since Wednesday morning.

Chief Wilfred King said the community made the declaration on Saturday.

hwy 527 washout

One person is dead following a traffic accident that happened at a road washout on Highway 527, near Gull Bay First Nation. (Hugh King)

"The reason we declared it was because we weren't given any kind of affirmative answers as to when the road would re-opened," he said. "One of the things is that we're still having trouble accessing the community and there's no guarantee that there would be any kind of medical transport in and out of the community."

King said people in his community are frustrated.

"People are running out of propane, people are running out of food."

Wilfred King

Chief Wilfred King of Gull Bay First Nation declared a state of emergency on Saturday. His community has been without road access since Wednesday morning, when a washout occurred on Highway 527. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

He said the Ministry of Transportation originally told him Highway 527 would re-open on Friday. As of Sunday morning, crews continue to work on the road, while it remains closed to traffic.

OPP confirmed late Friday the man who died in the washout was a contract driver for Canada Post. 

The vehicle he was driving went into the washout, and burst into flames.

Police are withholding the man's identification, pending the outcome of a postmortem examination.