The Thunder Bay, Ont., musicians known as Greenbank are getting ready to release a brand new album in February, but fans can get a taste of it now.

On Thursday's broadcast of CBC Thunder Bay's Superior Morning, Greenbank premiered Small Victories, the first single from the upcoming album, Glory Days.

The track shows off the trademark folk-rock sound and smooth harmonies of musical duo Jimmy Breslin and Craig Smyth.

It also highlights the band's storytelling skills, with lyrics that introduce the listener to a cast of characters living in a struggling small town, trying to make the best of things. 

The idea of celebrating "small victories" is at the centre of the song and the entire album, Breslin said. 

"It's kind of about smiling your way through tough times, finding the good in all the little things and being able to fuel yourself on that, and not just waiting for some huge lottery to be won," he said. 


Jimmy Breslin and Craig Smyth of Greenbank, outside the CBC Thunder Bay studio. (Amy Hadley/CBC)

Greenbank has faced its own challenges in recent years.

When the band's first album, Money Machine was released in 2015, Greenbank was a three-piece outfit. But that changed after an amicable break that saw one member move out west.

"There are only two of us now, and we carry the torch," said Smyth, adding that they've weathered the transition and emerged with an even "more focused" sound.

The band also got some help on the album from friends on the local music scene, including Jean-Paul De Roover, who produced the record. 

Glory Days is scheduled to be released Feb. 2, but the band is launching a tour on Jan. 19, starting with a show in Toronto. Greenbank has 20 dates booked across Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  

What are they anticipating on the trip?

"Probably some icy roads, a couple good arguments and a lot of double cheeseburgers," said Smyth. 

They're playing in Thunder Bay on Feb. 2, with an album release show at The Chanterelle (for which tickets are on sale now) followed by a second show at The Foundry.