A pair of farmers outside Thunder Bay has been selling their spare dairy goats for the dinner table — and they're having trouble keeping up with demand.

Nathan Epp and Seija Heiskanen run a small farm in Murillo and they started raising dairy goats a few years ago,

"You start out with four goats, and in four or five years you have 30,” Epp said.

They placed a few ads this summer to sell their extra goats for meat and they've already sold 10.

"Right now, I have orders for five more ... so if there any goat producers out there, there are a lot of people looking right now,” he added.

"We have completely sold out of all of our goats. All these ones here, we wanna keep now for next year. And I don't think we're gonna get a chance to try any [goat meat] ourselves this year. It's kind of a shame."

Cindy Salo

Cindy Salo, co-owner of Bay Meats in Thunder Bay, says she recently had an inquiry about goat meat.

Meeting customer demand

But the co-owner of butcher shop Bay Meats in Thunder Bay said she hasn't had many requests for goat.

"We just had a fellow ask about it a couple of weeks ago, so it's interesting this has just come up,” Cindy Salo said.

Back at the farm, Heiskanen said they're looking to bring in a new type of goat to meet demand.

“It's a meat variety, so we're thinking of going and picking it up and … supplying our customers with what they want,” she said.

A group of American farmers has dubbed this month "Goat-tober" to encourage people to eat more goat.