A woman from Fort Frances is warning pet owners to be careful after rescuing a dog being chased by two wolves on the Rainy River on Thursday.  

Sandra Lori first saw one of the wolves while taking photographs in the area. 

When she later stopped at a nearby bait and tackle shop, she heard three men say that two wolves were chasing a dog.

"I'm like 'Oh my god'," Lori said. "I ran to my car and took off."

She said she found the dog on the ice on the river, but there was no sign of the wolves. 

"I kept whistling and calling him," Lori recalled. "He was dazed and confused like he was so scared." 

Finally, she knelt by a tree and the dog came to her.

"He had icicles all over him. He just looked pathetic, he was so sad looking," Lori said. "I grabbed on to his collar and said 'You're coming with me'."

She took the dog to a veterinarian and learned he was wearing a tag. His name was Murphy and his owners in International Falls, Minnesota had reported him missing.  

Lori said the owners came to pick Murphy up within an hour and the dog is now safe at home. 

Still shaken from the ordeal on Friday, Lori told CBC News she had a message for both pet owners and bystanders who see a pet in trouble. 

"If you have dogs, or animals, be careful, because of the wolves out there, or the coyotes ... they go after these animals," she said. "And for the people that are onlooking, please go and help."