The city of Thunder Bay is breathing a sigh of relief now that the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority has ended its flood warning for the city.

The municipalities of Oliver-Paipoonge, Neebing and Shuniah, and the Townships of Conmee, O'Connor, Dorion and Gillies are no longer under a flood warning as well.

The conservation authority said area rivers and creeks will continue to have high water flows over the next few days; however most have crested and were expected to recede Tuesday. Minimal rain has been forecast for the coming days.

Road closures

Thunder Bay's infrastructure and operations manager Darrell Matson said city crews have been busy.

He said specialty pumping crews were sent out Monday night in various high-risk areas in the city, but crews did not have to use their equipment. Some homeowners did experience weeping tile malfunctions and sewage connection blockages on their properties, however.

The city's Water Pollution Control plant fared well, with flows dropping over last 12 hours, Matson said. The sanitary storm and sewer systems performed well, he added and there was no overflow.


Highway 593 has been closed due to a washout. (Deanna Leach)

Matson noted area roads took a beating with plenty of pooling and flooding.

As a result, there are several road closures in the city and rural areas:

  • Arundel Street near Toledo Street.
  • Melbourne Road near Hazelwood Drive.
  • Hilldale Road.
  • Toms Road.
  • Chippewa Park Road.
  • The Kline Road extension. 
  • The trail at Edward Street under the bridge is closed.

In total, Matson said more than 180 calls from residents - with concerns from flooding on properties to road closures - were received by the Emergency Dispatch Centre during the last 24 hours. 

The mayor of Neebing, Ziggy Polkowski, told CBC on Tuesday morning that officials were assessing the state of the municipality's roads after several washouts. Confirmed closures included Boy Scout Road and Podres Road North.

The Ontario Provincial Police also reported several washouts that made sections of roads impassable. As of mid-afternoon  on Tuesday, those roads included:

  • Highway 502 approximately 11 km north of Hwy 11 in the Rainy River District
  • Highway 593 about 6 km km from Highway 61
  • Highway 608 at Lone Star, 7 km in from Highway 61
  • Salmi Road, 1 km east of Auto Road in Ware Township
  • Auto Road East, 200 meters west of Ware North Road in Ware Township
  • Apilla Road, 2.1 km north of Highway 102 in Ware Township
  • Spike Lake Road, 300 meters in from Dog Lake Road in Jacques Township
  • Kilometre 18 on Flanders Road to Lac La Croix