Some Thunder Bay residents affected by last week's flooding want to know their legal options.

A Thunder Bay law firm pursuing a class action suit against the city hosted a public meeting to offer legal information on Thursday night.

Stan Wark was one of about 100 people who attended the meeting at the Slovak Legion.

He said he has insurance on the properties he owns, but wants to know about other damages. His four properties were all flooded and were torn apart for cleaning. Wark said he's not actively looking at taking legal action, but he attended the meeting to get information.

"Tenants had to move out so I'm losing income," Wark said. "I had to take time off and I lost wages. Another big one is the loss of the value of your property. I was doing these properties intending to sell them for retirement. Now, the value … will not be what it was."

Thunder Bay resident Rob Friedl also attended the meeting. He said he didn’t have insurance and he and his wife lost almost everything.

Friedl said he wants to wait and see what the city has to say before he makes a decision on taking legal action.

"I don't like [to] plan on suing people," he said. "[I] just don't want to premature[ly] jump the gun."