The rain didn't arrive as forecast in the Fort Frances area earlier this week and that's giving the town a chance to recover and repair some of the flood damage, according to Patrick Briere.

"The weather has given us a break," the information officer for the Town of Fort Frances said on Wednesday.

"The water isn't rising as quickly as forecast and it seems like it's starting to slowly taper off."

That's good news for an area that has been in a state of emergency since June 12.

'Working feverishly'

Public land along the town's waterfront is being eroded by the high water and wave action, Briere said, especially parts of Point Park and Seven Oaks Park.

The break in the weather is giving town crews a chance to deal with the flood damage.

"Right now our public works department is working feverishly," Briere said.

"[They're] repairing numerous sink holes, water main and sewer main breaks. There's been so much rain water there's just nowhere for it to go," he added. "We've seen erosion under the road ways."

Briere said the Rainy River is expected to crest on July 5.