A group of students from Lac Seul First Nation have hit the right note with their new song, and music video, created as part of an initiative called N'we Jinan.

The program aims to give First Nations students a creative voice with a travelling music studio, where students can write and perform original tracks.

"Echo My Soul" was written and performed by high school students in Lac Seul with help from professional music producer David Hodges. The song is about their home community.

Cassie Capay, 16, one of the students who took part, says the experience of recording the song left her speechless.

"I never expected to have an opportunity like that, and I just ... I think mostly what was going through my head was 'Is this actually happening? Am I actually doing this?'"

The recently launched music video for the song has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

The students have also been invited to perform live at an upcoming leadership event in Toronto.

"Echo My Soul" will be included in an upcoming album called N'we Jinan The Gathering Volume 2.

Cassie Capay, and the education director for Lac Seul spoke with the host of Superior Morning, Lisa Laco, about making the song. Listen here: