A charitable non-profit fishing group from the United States is looking to expand its reach into Canada, and northwestern Ontario.

The Fly Fishing Collaborative raises funds by auctioning off donated fishing trips and using that money to build fish farms for orphanages in order to provide them with food, income, water, and fresh produce.

The focus of the group is helping children caught in sex trade trafficking.

David Fineran, a spokesperson for the Fly Fishing Collaborative, said the idea was born from one simple question by founder Bucky Buchstaber who asked himself "What can I do from my passion of fly fishing and what it's given me, how can I now take that and give something back and what can I create"

The collaborative has been raising money for three years and funded their first fish farm in Thailand last October, a farm that helps to feed 160 children annually.

Fly Fishing Collaborative

Two of the children at an orphanage in Thailand where the Fly Fishing Collaborative built a self-sustaining fish farm to supply food, income, water, and fresh produce. (Supplied photo from the FFC)

While the Fly Fishing Collaborative is mainly in the USA northwest the organization is expanding elsewhere and Fineran said they would LIKE to have trips in Canada to auction.

"We would love to keep reaching out and expanding those opportunities in Canada. Obviously there is a ton of amazing fishing up there," he said.

The collaborative is sending a team to construct a fish farm in Belize and in the Philippines later this spring and a fourth one in Nicaragua in 2016.

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