Field Street death leads to murder charges

The discovery of a man's burned body last weekend in a grassy area near Field Street in intercity has resulted in three people being arrested on charges of second degree murder.

Thunder Bay police have charged three people with second degree murder

Thunder Bay police have arrested three people from Thunder Bay on charges of second degree murder, in connection with the death of a man whose body was found in the Field Street area last weekend.

Police identify the accused as 21-year-old Keith Mishenene, 26-year-old Felton Sakanee and 20-year-old Larissa Shingabis.

In a news release today, they said the trio was taken into custody over the weekend without incident.

Police also revealed that a post-mortem has enabled them to confirm the identity of the dead man, however they are withholding his name pending notification of family.

Police conducted a ground search in the Field Street area on Tuesday, looking for evidence. (Steve Robinson)

Earlier today, police completed a grid search of an area between Field Street and the Harbour Expressway. They said they expect to release the scene later today, once all the evidence collected at the scene has been secured.

Thunder Bay police chief JP Levesque has spoken to city officials about what the news release described as "unwanted and violent activity" in the Field Street area. Levesque has "communicated the need to make this area less attractive to these types of activities."

The statement added that police are committed to working with community partners to make changes in that area, but did not elaborate further.