The father of a missing Geraldton man says it's unusual for his 32-year-old son to be out of touch since he disappeared last weekend.


Police are asking Geraldon-area residents to search their yards and outdoor buildings. Erik Legarde, 32, has been missing since Sunday. (Supplied)

"It's not like him to be missing that long," Ambrose Legarde Sr. told CBC News about his son Erik.

"Usually (he) phones or texts, or anything on the internet (to) let us know he's doing alright."

Legarde said Erik left to go out with friends for St. Patrick's Day last Sunday.

The OPP's Emergency Response Team and volunteers have been scouring streets and alleys in the area since Tuesday.

Police have asked local residents to check their yards, sheds and garages.

Legarde said he appreciates so many people helping in the search.

Erik Legarde is described as a First Nations man, five foot eleven, 180 pounds with short black hair and brown eyes.

He was last seen wearing blue jeans, brown shoes and a grey sweatshirt that's reversible to white.