Fake coyotes keeping geese away from Thunder Bay hospital

Ten coyote-shaped decoys have been installed at a Thunder Bay hospital in an effort to keep geese and their droppings away from the grounds.
Some locally manufactured coyote-shaped, metal cut outs are helping to ward off geese at Thunder Bay’s Regional Health Sciences Centre. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

In order to ward off geese, Thunder Bay’s Regional Health Sciences Centre has installed 10 coyote decoys.

“One of our major issues with the geese ... is the bird droppings that get tracked onto our facility and it becomes an infection controls issue for us,” said the hospital's project coordinator Omendra Adhikary.

Adkihary said the number of geese on hospital property has gone up the past few years.

But so far, the fake coyotes appear to be working.

Adikhary said since they made their debut a few weeks ago there have been far fewer geese and subsequent goose droppings on the grounds.    

The locally manufactured ‘coyotes’ have also been seen at other locations around the city and have been a humane way of keeping the geese away.