Erickson Owen is literally a perfect student.

The student at Pelican Falls First Nations High School, near Sioux Lookout, Ont., earned a 100 per cent average in his Grade 12 classes last semester.

"I wanted to prove to the students that anything is possible," the 17-year-old from Poplar Hill First Nation said of the reason he spent all his spare time studying last fall.

"I sacrificed my time in the evening, I had to. I read my notes over at least three times per night."

On Tuesday, Owen will address a national conference of the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association in Montreal.

He earned that opportunity after writing an award-winning essay explaining his goal of becoming an accountant.

Owen said he'll give part of the speech in his first language — Ojibway.

Asked if he'll be maintaining his 100 per cent average for his final semester of high school, Owen said, "no, I wish to relax. It was stressful trying to keep my marks up that high. [There was] lots of hard work."

Owen said he has plans to attend Confederation College in Thunder Bay next fall.