In the wake of an epic flood two weeks ago, Thunder Bay officials say they are now moving from critical care to long-term rebuilding of the community.

Garbage bag limits coming back

The city's three-bag garbage limit will be enforced again starting next week. However, the city will continue to pick up large items at the curb. In addition, the Mapleward Road landfill site will be open this weekend.

"We're seeing signs that … the community is getting better," Mayor Keith Hobbs said. "The Salvation Army and the Red Cross are starting to scale back their efforts as their shift focuses from immediate relief to long-term recovery efforts."

The Red Cross will shut down relief centres at St. Peter's Church on Friday at noon, as well as at Confederation College on Saturday at 6 p.m. The Salvation Army will also stop its meal service Friday at noon.

Meanwhile, the mayor says the city still doesn't know what caused the breach at the Atlantic Avenue Sewage Treatment Plant but an independent investigation will be done in the coming weeks. The city plans to install a standby pump at the plant next week.