Elementary teachers picket 5 Thunder Bay schools

Some parents and students in Thunder Bay say a one-day strike by public elementary teachers' isn't causing much disruption.

Parents deal with finding last-minute care for kids

Edgewater Park Public School is one of five schools at which teachers were to picket on Wednesday. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

Some parents and students in Thunder Bay say a one-day strike by public elementary teachers' isn't causing much disruption.

Teachers were expected to picket at eight locations, including five schools, around the city on Wednesday.

One is Edgewater Park Public School.

Ten-year-old brothers Kai and Aidyn LaDouceur are students there and said they plan to go to the demonstration.

Thunder Bay teachers picket outside Westmount School on Wednesday. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

"Maybe [we’ll] bring some hot chocolate for the teachers when they're out in the freezing cold," Kai said.

"Because you can kind of tell they might get cold having a whole day... outside in this weather," Aidyn added.

Their mother, Terri Fucile, said caring for the boys while the school is closed isn't a problem.

"Fortunately I'm self-employed, so I was able to be flexible," she said.

Parents find daycare alternatives

Kayleen Hook said she found a very willing babysitter for her six-year-old son.

"My mom will watch him."

For other parents, like Jason Whitehurst, shift work eliminates the daycare dilemma.

"I work midnights and my wife works during the day," he said.

Even though she said she doesn’t consider the one day strike to be a big inconvenience, Fucile said she's sorry the one-day strike is happening.

"It's not an issue for us, but I'm disappointed that it had to go this way," she said.

But Aidyn LaDouceur had a lighter perspective on the situation:

"It's so sad. We're missing my favourite subject ... Math!"