ehCampaign aims to celebrate Canadian heroes

Thunder Bay resident launches Indiegogo fundraising campaign to recognize volunteers
Dan Chiarello has launched a fundraising effort on Indiegogo to get the 'eh'Campaign rolling. (Dan Chiarello)

Dan Chiarello isn't one to sit back when people are in need. For him it's simply part of being a Canadian.

When flooding hit Thunder Bay's east end back in 2012, Chiarello and a small group of volunteers immediately began handing out food, water, and helping in anyway they could.

"It grew into an incredible effort no one expected," he said.

That outpouring inspired Chiarello to recognize the efforts of "local heroes."

Dan Chiarello from Thunder Bay is the founder of The ehCampaign. He says he's proud of local heroes and his country. (Supplied)

For years, he thought about a campaign with a strong Canadian theme. And now a campaign has finally come together, he said.

Chiarello just launched the 'eh' Campaign, which borrows from a classic Canadian expression.

The first step of the project will be to crowd-source funding through Indiegogo.

His goal is to raise $5,000, he said, to manufacture a line of clothing sporting the ehCampaign logo.

"It would be toques, hoodies with a Canadian branding, all to tug at the heart strings," he said.

A portion of the proceeds of sales will go toward helping the work of volunteers across the country.

"The flood in Thunder Bay is a perfect example of heroes," Chiarello said.

"There were a million untold stories there and these are happening right acoss Canada."

Chiarello will eventually be selling the merchandise online and the website will also offer a place for Canadians to nominate their own local heroes.

For Chiarello, The ehCampaign is all about pride.

"[Canada] is the greatest place and it's the people, those heroes that make it that way," he said.


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