Dryden resident scammed, now $25 K in debt

A Dryden resident owes a bank $25,000 after being victimized by a fraud

A Dryden resident owes a bank $25,000 after falling victim to a fraud.

Dryden police said Thursday the person was befriended by the perpetrator of the scam over a period of months. The victim was then sent a cheque, and was told to cash it, after which money would be distributed to two other people in foreign countries. As payment for the help, the Dryden resident was told to keep $1,000 of the proceeds.

After the transactions had been made and the $1,000 spent, the cheque was found to be a forgery, leaving the victim in debt to the bank that cashed it.

Insp. Kevin Glenister says people committing these types of fraud know how to target their victims.

"[They target] vulnerable people that maybe can fall for these…because they are trusting," Glenister said. "They are trusting of people on the phone and sometimes they are looking for people to talk to and that causes them to get in trouble."

Dryden police often issue news releases about scams involving local citizens.

"In a small town we trust people a lot, and unfortunately people get taken advantage of," Glenister said.