Dryden hunters aim for game — and fame

A hunting team from Dryden has its scopes set on more than just wild game this season.

Hunting duo to appear on reality TV show that pits hunters against each other

Marc McNay and Denise Dubois are on the hunt for game and fame in a reality TV show called The Search. (Supplied)

A hunting team from Dryden has its scopes set on more than just wild game this season.

Marc McNay and Denise Dubois are competing in a reality TV show called The Search, which pits hunters against each other for a chance to star in their very own program.

McNay told CBC News this fall's quest for bears and bucks was complicated by having to capture it all on video.

"It's totally changed the way we hunt now, absolutely,” he said. “The time and the effort we put into it is probably triple or four times what we were doing before."

Every time they go out, McNay and Dubois film themselves before they leave the house and as they walk through the forest.  Then they set up the camera again when they are in the tree stand or the blind, and hope an animal comes along so they can use all that footage.

McNay applied to be on The Search after watching the first season. He said a producer personally called him to say the show was interested.

Hunting for trophies

Once the program goes to air, people will be able to vote for their favourite team each week. Half the votes come from a celebrity judge who is critiquing them based on things like video quality. The other half of the votes are from the general public.

Dubois said there's an added challenge in that they only have a few hunting tags, and they're trying to take impressive animals. As a result, each time an animal comes by, they're forced to decide whether it will be the one, or whether they think something better might come along.

"I used to go out hunting to fill my freezer, you know. It didn't really matter the size or it wasn't about the trophy or anything,” she said. “This year, right now, we're after a trophy buck and we're after a trophy bear. So we have these two specific animals that we're after, which makes it even more harder."

After the hunting season wraps up in December, McNay and Dubois will send their footage to the people at The Search for use in the show.

They are promoting their team, and keeping people updated on Facebook.

The Search will air on Wild TV next March.


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