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Police in Thunder Bay are trying to locate the driver of a car involved in a hit and run with a school bus this morning, after they found a vehicle abandoned shortly after.

The accident happened around 8 a.m. Thursday at the intersection of Van Norman Street and Peter Street.

A bus carrying students to École Gron Morgan Public School was rear-ended while stopped at a stop sign. None of the children were hurt.

Police say the driver of a silver-coloured Honda Prelude fled the scene.

The same vehicle was later found abandoned in a laneway not far from the accident site. There was a spider crack in the windshield, which police say may indicate that someone in the car was injured in the accident.

Police say there may have been a female passenger in the car as well. 

The ownership of the vehicle has been traced, but police say the listed owner no longer lives at the address on file with the Ministry of Transportation.