Driver comes forward in hit-and-run dog deaths

A man has come forward to claim responsibility for a hit and run incident that killed two dogs in Thunder Bay.

2 dogs died at the scene, Thunder Bay police say

Thunder Bay police say a male driving a green pick-up truck hit and killed two dogs on Poleline Road, then fled the scene. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

A man has come forward to claim responsibility for a hit and run incident that left two dogs dead in Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay police said Monday afternoon that their investigation is ongoing, and further details will be released later.

On July 12, a 17-year-old girl was walking eastbound on Poleline Road with two Labrador retrievers, then stopped on the side of the road to talk to a motorist, city police said.

A pickup truck heading west struck the dogs, which were on leads, and drove off.

Police said the dogs died at the scene.

On Sunday, a woman walking her dogs on Poleline Road told CBC News she didn't know the two Labs or their owner, but called the incident very sad.

Clare Lacey says she generally feels safe walking her dogs on Poleline Road, but 'you have to be cautious' and drivers need to slow down on country roads. (Nicole Ireland/CBC )

"It must have been dreadful for the owner of those two dogs," said Clare Lacey, adding that she lost a dog in a snowplow accident on a nearby road earlier this year. 

But she said in her case, the fact that the driver stopped and tried to help made a difference.

 "It was an unfortunate accident," Lacey recalled. "It was bad for me to go through that.  But I knew that the man ... stopped and cared."

"Having [a] hit and run... would break your heart," she said.

'People need to slow down on country roads'

Still, Lacey walks her dogs in the area every day and generally feels safe.

"But you have to be cautious," she said. "If I see a car, I usually bring [the dogs] in close to me ... forcefully on the lead [and] make them sit."

Although there is some traffic on Poleline Road, Lacey said most drivers slow down when they see her — but others don't.

"I think that people need to slow down on country roads," she said.  "They think that because ... it's a country road they can go very fast and they shouldn't."