The Ontario Prospectors Association says new provincial guidelines will force the government to more clearly identify First Nations traditional territory.

Draft guidelines outlining a new consultation protocol are now posted on a government website for comment.

Garry Clark, the head of the prospector's association, the government's new draft regulations put more emphasis on the need for industry to consult with First Nations at the earliest phase of exploration.

"We're turning the table back on to the government so that within the plan or within the permit system, the government is going to be the one that sends out the plan or sends out the permit to the First Nations that are affected," Clark said.

Clark said he supports the general direction of the draft regulations, but wants to see more details. He said he'll push the government to define what "consultation" means before the regulations are finalized this summer.

"It’s kind of a normal thing, we seem to get things downloaded on us as industry as government kind of winnows away from trying to fulfill some of the duty it should be doing." Clark said.