More than two dozen motorists were caught drinking and driving over the 2012 holiday season, but Thunder Bay Police are pleased they were able to intercept these drivers before it turned fatal.

Sgt. Glenn Porter from the traffic unit said it's the first time he can remember that nobody was killed in December because of an impaired driver.

Porter said 25 drivers were charged with drunk driving; about one-third of those were found at RIDE checkpoints.

"The job is still there. We know that we have a duty to get out there and find those impaired drivers and try to stop them," said Porter.

A 33-year-old Machin Township man was charged after he tried to avoid a RIDE checkpoint on his snowmobile.

The machine was seized and his driver's license was suspended for 90 days.

Porter said police took a different approach this year, setting up more strategically on crossover streets and in residential areas, more than on main roads.

Several thousand coupons for a free hot beverage were also doled out to reward sober drivers.

Porter said police also changed the times of checkpoints to focus on office parties, family gatherings and night events.

One of the more notable events included a person being hit and run over after trying to stop a friend from driving home drunk.

Porter said he's not sure what approach police will take in the future. He said education hasn't stopped some people from getting behind the wheel after a couple of drinks.