Downpour sets back last year's flooding repairs

A Thunder Bay restoration company that was just about done with the repair work from last year's flood has been hindered by the long-weekend downpour.

Local restoration company puts aside work to deal with emergencies from recent heavy rains

A recent deluge of rain resulted in more flooded basements in Thunder Bay. Homeowners are being urged to take advantage of a program that offers them rebates for installing sump pumps and backflow prevention valves. (CBC)

A Thunder Bay restoration company that was just about done with the repair work from last year's flood is ramping up once again after the long-weekend downpour.

Strone Restoration spokesperson Karen Schmidt said she estimates work will be set back by about a month, thanks to emergencies created by the recent deluge.

"I was feeling like maybe on May 28 — which would be the anniversary [of last year’s flood] —  that we would be able to have a little celebration and say, ‘we're done with what we dealt with last year’," she said.

"But now this is going to definitely set us back a little bit because we're gonna use our resources to deal with emergencies this week."

Although it has been a busy few days for the company, she noted it's nothing compared to the hundreds of calls they received from homeowners last May.

Flood warning ends

Meanwhile, the city is reminding residents they need to do their part when it comes to pumping out flooded basements.

Mayor Keith Hobbs said the city had to pump out some basements that filled with water this weekend and he wants to extend a May 31 deadline for a program that offers rebates for sump pumps and backflow prevention valves for homeowners.

"You know this storm has kind of indicated to us that there [are] a lot of residents [who] still haven't taken those precautions," Hobbs said. "And, looking after your home is your responsibility."

The city's Emergency Operations Control Group reports municipal infrastructure did its job in keeping water out of basements.

The flood warning for Thunder Bay and surrounding municipalities ended Tuesday morning.

Water flows also receded in the sewer system Monday night.