The campaign to raise money for flood victims in Thunder Bay has already reached the quarter of a million dollar mark.

Organizers have labelled it a national campaign, but it's local people who are donating the most money.

The phone rings steadily at the Red Cross office in Thunder Bay, which — along with its national call centre — is taking donations to help victims of the flooding cover some expenses.

David St. Georges, community services co-ordinator with the Red Cross, said the money will stay in the community.

"And the funds will be used to help the most vulnerable and the most in need as a result of the flooding," he said.


Russ Jesjardine and his two daughters drop off a child seat at St. Peter's Church in Thunder Bay. He made a financial donation to the Salvation Army earlier in the day. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

Russ Desjardine is one of the people who has contributed to the Thunder Bay Flood Fund. He made his donation, along with some household goods, through the Salvation Army, the other sponsoring organization.

Desjardine said he and his family feel for those who are suffering and want to help them "buy some things that they needed to get."

"We saw how affected the people were, and thought we'd bring down some stuff that we could spare," he said.

While the majority of the $225,000 raised over the past few days has come from local residents, both agencies say their offices in cities across Canada are promoting the campaign for Thunder Bay.