An Atikokan woman said people are to blame for the increase in wolf encounters in the area. Angie Bradshaw said wolves are a fact of life in Atikokan, but people who choose to feed deer are making the situation worse.

"We’ve had this huge influx of deer in our community," she said.

"People have taken to the idea that it’s cute to feed the deer in their backyard. It’s not."

Threat to pets

Atikokan has a bylaw that prohibits residents from feeding deer. But people are continuing to do so, and wolves have followed the town's exploding deer herd.

"That’s what’s bringing the wolves in," Bradshaw said.

She said wolves are regular visitors to her property, and they've used their cunning to try to entice her German Shepherd to leave the property.

"Wolf packs will send in small, female wolves and your dog follows that seemingly friendly wolf out," she said.

"They go farther and farther away from home, and the pack eats [the dog]."

Bradshaw said her dog nearly died from sarcoptic mange, a disease caused by a mite passed on by wolves.