The head of a Thunder Bay shipping agency wants port officials, industry and the federal government to discuss the pending closure of the local coast guard communications centre.

William Hryb, whose company works for the owners of ships and cargo that move through the port, said radio operators based only in southern Ontario, could mean some distress calls may fall through the cracks.

There's been no consultation between Ottawa and stakeholders, he added.

"I'd like the Federal Government to look at this, and review it carefully with the people that use this system … the coast guard radio," Hryb said. "Then they could make a proper judgment."

The government has announced it will close the Thunder Bay communications centre next year.

If the radio operators are based in Sarnia, only two people will be monitoring the upper Great Lakes for distress calls, Hryb added.

"Nobody really is out there making any noise about this," he said. "I'm concerned as a port user."

Hryb said he's also concerned about the pending loss of 12 jobs in the city as a result of closing the communications centre.