Thunder Bay's Disaster Relief Committee hopes more members of the corporate community rally behind its fundraising campaign as only about one fifth of the $5 million goal has been raised so far.

The committee chair said there's been a mixed response from the business sector.


Disaster Relief Committee chair Wayne Fletcher said they have only raised one-fifth of their $5 million goal following Thunder Bay's epic flooding at the end of May. (CBC)

"Some have and some haven't, and some we need to go back with and check again," Wayne Fletcher said.

"So, it’s a mixed bag. I mean, some have done very well, and some we want to go back and talk to again further. One part that we're really gonna be looking hard at is corporations and other asks in those areas."

Fletcher said the committee may also push back its target date for fundraising. The original goal was to have all flood claims paid out by Christmas. However, due to processing times, that won't happen.

"We had tentatively set the target for the end of November," Fletcher explained.

"But we're also realizing — now that we understand a little better how the claims have to be processed — it takes too long to do the claims. So we're figuring, maybe if we extend it, it will give us a better chance to raise that much more money to help out the individuals."