A motivational speaker who hails from Moose Cree First Nation is encouraging students at Thunder Bay's Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School to be more inclusive in their thinking.

Stan Wesley told students at the First Nation school there's potential for great things in Thunder Bay — particularly if people stop thinking about a divide between indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

"If we came together — and collectively came together — and said 'we are going to exercise our power that we have together, for the benefit of everybody.'  Just imagine how incredible this city would be," he said.

"Let's do this. Let's talk, let's share, let's tell stories, let's gain strength from one another, and let's collectively pool our power together."

Wesley was speaking during a career fair held at the school yesterday.

Stan Wesley

Stan Wesley's talk was entitled "You Are Powerful!" He implored students to share their stories and realize their strength and power. (Matt Prokopchuk/CBC)

His speech also focused on getting young people to tell their stories, as First Nations have been storytellers for generations.

"For the cultures that don't have the storytellers are the cultures that become stagnant," he said.

"So we're asking these young people to unlock something that they already have.

Wesley gave two talks on Thursday: one called "You are powerful," and another one called "Go get what you want — it's possible!"

Some students at the high school told CBC News they thought his morning speech was both funny and inspiring.