A Thunder Bay woman is warning other residents in her area after her family's 12-year-old dog was attacked by a deer.

Bobbi Tamblyn said she heard the Terrier mix "screaming" outside her Riverdale Road home Sunday. She followed her son, who had grabbed a piece of lumber, into the yard.

Tamblyn said the roughly 14-kilogram dog was being trampled by the deer, about 15 metres from the house.

terrier mix dog

Bobbi Tamblyn's dog Oliver is recovering after being attacked by a deer in a Thunder Bay neighbourhood. (Bobbi Tamblyn)

“My son thought, when he ran out there … that it would back off, but he wouldn’t,” she recalled.

“So he had to swing at it. He had to club it a few times with the four-by-four, and then it finally backed off.”

Tamblyn said her pet was shaken up after the incident, but doesn’t appear to have been injured.

“The dog, he was a mess. I guess he got rolled around quite a bit, because he was just covered in dirt, and his eyes were full of dirt and stuff.”

She said she was thankful her son “didn't have to tangle with a wolf,” and wondered if the deer was a doe protecting her fawn.

"You keep hearing these crazy things about deer becoming so accustomed to people,” Tamblyn continued, which is one reason why she decided to come forward with her story.

"Everybody's out walking on this road, and there's deer all over the place … and maybe [it’s a good idea to] let people know that there's a … deer [that’s] pretty aggressive in the area."