For avid traveller David Bruno, one thing is certain: Thunder Bay will always call him back home.

Bruno, whose family owns Donato's Bakery on Thunder Bay's north side, has travelled and lived around the world.

But, he says, nothing compares to the Lakehead.

"I've left town and come back, left town and come back," Bruno told CBC News. "I've lived in many places: Madrid, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Kiev, Montreal."

"I've been to so many of these different places, and their views are spectacular, but there's nothing like going down River Street and as you're coming towards the drop you see the giant head of the Sleeping Giant. It's breathtaking."

​​Bruno is one of the Thunder Bay residents featured in the I Love My City video series, produced by CBC Thunder Bay and Theymedia.

Donato's Bakery opened in Thunder Bay in 1994, bringing the family's generations-old baking tradition to the Lakehead.

Bruno said his family initially came to Thunder Bay from a war-ravaged Italy due to his grandfather's search for work.

Five generations

"That took him over to France," Bruno said. "It wasn't working out, so his brother had already moved over to Canada and sponsored the family, and that's how we got over specifically to Thunder Bay."

Now, the family's fifth generation is contributing to Donato's Bakery, with Bruno's niece and nephew working there.

And, the family is taking another big step, launching a jarred tomato sauce based on an old family recipe.

"We're very excited about this," Bruno said. "It's something that our great-grandmother passed on to us."