The city of Thunder Bay wants to find a way to keep drivers away from the South Algoma Street curb extensions that are designed to slow traffic, as some motorists are hitting them — and filing insurance claims.

Orange and black-striped construction barricades have been put up to help people see the extensions, but acting Roads Division manager Brian Krall said the Engineering department is trying to come up with a new idea for the long term.

"They're identifying what replacement infrastructure will go there," he said.

"I heard talk of possibly planters. There's also other types of outdoor furnishings that are being looked at."

He noted that whatever option is chosen, it "will depend on how much it costs, and what will look best there."

The issue of not being able to see the curb extensions first came to light this past winter, after "some lady hit the curb and complained," Krall said.

"The solution that we came up [with], in consultation with Engineering, was to put up the barricades with tiger-tails on them for better visibility of the fact that there's a curb there."

Thunder Bay city manager Tim Commisso told CBC News in an e-mail that claims for damages were dealt with through an insurance settlement.